The Samuel Chase Suite - Mrs. Blodgets

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The Samuel Chase Suite

Two Bedroom

The Samuel Chase Suite

Husband to Mrs. Blodget, Samuel was an early American lawyer, industrialist, and financier who founded the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA in honour of Manchester in England.

During his final years, Chase could be found residing in the largest of all living quarters similar to this two bedroom suitewith his family after retiring due to poor health, leaving Mrs. Blodget to run the Guesthouse with the assistance of her niece, Miss Maria and her younger sister, Miss Anne Williams.

Light and spacious, the 2 bedroom is unique and nuanced in style, with traces of bohemian character. 3 beds and a sofa bed make it perfectly suited for a 7-person stay. A kitchen, dining table and lounge area combine to create a quality living space.