Story - Mrs. Blodgets

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Welcome to Mrs Blodget’s. A place for those setting out on a new adventure, and for those seeking comfort & rest after their last.

We celebrate those who seek the unknown, for whom opportunity lies round every corner. Those who’s travels have purpose, and those who simply wander…

Our own journey starts in Liverpool, the year 1851. Samuel C. Blodget, famous for managing guest houses for Americans, retires due to ill health and is succeeded in running their Duke St lodgings by his wife Mary, and so the legend of Mrs Blodget’s unfolds. 

Over the next decade, Mrs Blodget’s Guesthouse hosts a motley crew of travellers & adventurers from the four corners of the globe. Encouraged in sharing their traditions & customs, the guesthouse would go on to become a melting-pot of culture, where American naval captains smoked cigars with Indian merchants and afternoon tea was served with a side of Saké.

The evenings were filled with merriment & laughter as traveling musicians would serenade the packed room. Visiting students from Frankfurt would play Euchre and teach the many port workers how to curse in German. Drinks and stories alike were spilled well into the night.

In its current iteration, and with a new lease of life, we endeavour to keep the spirit of Mrs Blodgets alive; sharing in the customs & traditions that made the infamous guesthouse so revered

We invite you to join in the unrivalled atmosphere, as we showcase everything from spirited teas, travelling bands & impromptu performances from singing bartenders. If rest & recuperation is what you seek; you’ll find it here no doubt, though we hope you have an appetite for something more. At Mrs Blodget’s, opportunity lies round every corner, you have to simply allow your mind to wander.